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A pretty original retro-inspired game that mixes a bunch of familiar gameplay styles into a single grid.

Check it out for a ton of references and just plain (and sometimes challenging) fun.



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A procedural music geneator, that works from some basic blocks you can add, even randomly. I let this application run in the backround during a session of work without getting tired of it.

Andrey Shushkov – The invention of Love

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A retro-style top-view shooter, with the twist that the graphics are composed of “voxels”, which are kinda like pixels in a 3d space. The construction also permits the destruction of the enviroment by spreading the sprites around.

The upcoming game’s website is at:

Captain Forever

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Captain Forever’s is basically a asteroid’s game combined with a strategy one, where you get to control your ship the old fashioned-way with the keyboard, while the upgrading controls are done with the mose. You get to upgrade your ship with structures, canons and thrusters. The positioning of the components affects the movement and inertia of your ship, so all shapes lots of posibilities.

If you have a webcam, try pressing c for a setting up an interesting reflection effect, if you dont mind seeing your undone face on the screen.

The Holograms – MTV Ident

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Daft Punk – Derezzed

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